Oral Surgery Group provides several options for sedation and anesthesia.  Your doctor will discuss which of the following is best for you:

LOCAL ANESTHESIA- consisting of injections in the mouth to numb or anesthetize the area where treatment is to be rendered.


a combination that allays apprehension and reduces pain.

INTRAVENOUS ANESTHESIA – injection of drugs that establish either a state of conscious or deep sedation in order to accomplish the intended surgery.  Local anesthesia is  frequently used in conjunction with this type of anesthesia in order to reduce the requirement of the injected drug.


Sedation & Anesthesia

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Pre-Operative Instructions for Local Anesthesia

Your  mouth  and  teeth should  be  well  cleansed immediately before your appointment.

Pre-Operative Instructions for Intravenous Anesthesia

1. The night before surgery eat a light, easily digestible meal, consume no alcoholic beverages and retire early.

2.  For morning surgery, nothing to eat or drink after midnight- NOT EVEN WATER.

3.  For afternoon surgery, a light breakfast is permitted before  8 A.M., then after  8 A.M.  NOTHING- NOT EVEN WATER.

4.  Your mouth and teeth should be  well cleansed immediately before your appointment. 

5. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting, short sleeved clothing and no  jewelry---including  piercings.

6.  A responsible person must accompany you and drive you home after the operation.   He or she must remain in the  waiting room for the entire appointment. Under no circumstances may you drive a motorized vehicle after surgery until the following day.

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